This Bar/ Bat Mitzvah package available at many of the local shuls including BTU, Aguda, Beth Shalom with more coming soon includes everything you need for your Bar/ Bat Mitzvah  of 150 guest .
The hall itself.
Three course meal (see below for detail menu)
8X8 album fully designed with 30 pages
16x20 mounted canvas print or signing pictures board with portrait taken by us.
200 printed proofs
Full resolution DVD with all pictures
One man band and singer
Center pieces on all tables.
Only additional  cost is 3.5% sales tax.

The total cost for this package starts at      $5,500.00 each additional guest please ad $20.00 per person.
Price applies to Passaic parties only, outside Passaic packagaes starts at $6,900.00 for the same service.

This package requires a deposit of $1,000.00 upon signing the contract and a
full payment two weeks before the event

The Following upgrades are available:

Hot shmorg for every two dishes:                   $22.00   per person
Four piece orchestra                                  $1,500.00     additional
Five piece orchestra                                   $2,000.00    additional
Album 10 x10 50 pages with collages      $5   00.00    additional
Fully edited video                                        $   250.00     additional

Simcha Connections has contacts with most musicians so feel free to share who is your favorite singer and will be glad to try our best to accommodate your request.

Booked the hall already? No problem, we can deduct $500.00 from your package and do it in most halls.
Welcoming table with salads and cold drinks, cookies and some nosh.
High quality plastic cutlery. Fabric linen. Paper napkins.
Upon entry a salad served on a smaller plate. One the center of the table there are pickles, cucumber salad and coleslaw.
A challah roll per person on a small plate.
First dish: a bureka with mushroom sauce.
Main course: a choice of either grilled chicken, chicken marsala or shnitzel with two of the following side dishes:
mashed potato, string beans, barley mushroom, rice or orzo.
Dessert for children is ice cream with toppings and hot chocolate cake for adults.
Note: The options for type of chicken and side dishes will be decided before the event and all guest will recieve the same type of dish.
Drinks are bottled water and soda.

Menu Options for main dish
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Simcha Connections-33 - Copy
Simcha Connections-37 - Copy
Simcha Connections-41 - Copy
Simcha Connections-45 - Copy
Simcha Connections-49 - Copy
Simcha Connections-53 - Copy
Simcha Connections-57 - Copy
Simcha Connections-61 - Copy
Simcha Connections-65 - Copy
Simcha Connections-69 - Copy
Simcha Connections-30 - Copy
Simcha Connections-34 - Copy
Simcha Connections-38 - Copy
Simcha Connections-42 - Copy
Simcha Connections-46 - Copy
Simcha Connections-50 - Copy
Simcha Connections-54 - Copy
Simcha Connections-58 - Copy
Simcha Connections-62 - Copy
Simcha Connections-66 - Copy
Simcha Connections-70 - Copy
Simcha Connections-72 - Copy
Simcha Connections-31 - Copy
Simcha Connections-35 - Copy
Simcha Connections-39 - Copy
Simcha Connections-43 - Copy
Simcha Connections-47 - Copy
Simcha Connections-51 - Copy
Simcha Connections-55 - Copy
Simcha Connections-59 - Copy
Simcha Connections-63 - Copy
Simcha Connections-67 - Copy
Simcha Connections-71 - Copy
Simcha Connections-17 - Copy
Simcha Connections-32 - Copy
Simcha Connections-36 - Copy
Simcha Connections-40 - Copy
Simcha Connections-44 - Copy
Simcha Connections-48 - Copy
Simcha Connections-52 - Copy
Simcha Connections-56 - Copy
Simcha Connections-60 - Copy
Simcha Connections-64 - Copy
Simcha Connections-68 - Copy
Simcha Connections-79
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